Welcome To The International Fudoshin Arts Association!

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What Is The I.F.A.A.?

We are a body of combative practitioners from around the globe that share a common interest in the combative arts and the mission statement of the IFAA.  We drop our egos, extend our hands and/or bow to our fellow members.  We accept that there is no superior system, art or style… as the result of any fight always comes down to the environment, people and extenuating circumstances involved.

Let’s break down our name:

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International – Extending across or transcending national boundaries.  Available for use by all nations.

Fudoshin – is a state of “immovable mind” and “immovable heart” or “unmoving heart”). It is a philosophical or mental dimension to a (usually Japanese) martial art which contributes to the effectiveness of the advanced practitioner.

Arts – Any combative art, style, system or philosophy

Association –  An organized body of people who have an interest, activity, or purpose in common; a society. A mental connection or relation between thoughts, feelings, ideas, or sensations.

Mission Statement

To assist our members in developing themselves in a positive manner – spiritually, physically and professionally. To work on the things that we can’t obtain in the dojo or gym.  To look across our borders and truly embrace a mixed martial arts acceptance and philosophy.  To have our members enhance anyone they come in contact with… at every opportunity and through every communication whether by email, phone or in person… and make the other persons day better because they had contact with our fellow member.  Finally, to provide our members with beautiful full color certificates to recognize their dedication to the combative arts, our association and this mission statement.