About Master Brian K. Allen

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Master Allen is currently ranked:  

7th Dan – Fudoshin Kenpo Jujitsu

6th Dan – Bushido Kenpo

Green Belt – Ninjutsu, IBDA

Founder – International Fudoshin Arts Association
(Formerly the Int. Bushido Warrior Assoc)

Master Allen has worked as:

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– Doorman
– Military Policeman
– Private Contractor – Security
– Civilian Martial Arts Instructor
– Military Combatives Instructor
– Corrections Professional (Adult & Juvenile)
– Combat Veteran – Operation Enduring Freedom
– Executive Protection Agent (Bodyguard) & Instructor
– Commander, State of AZ Dept. of Juvenile Corrections

Master Allen has earned a Black Belt or Full
Instructor Rating in the following:

Bushido Kenpo           Kenpo Jujitsu
Jujitsu                         Jeet Kun Do
Military Combatives    Handle With Care