Body Language Certification | Online Course Non Verbal Communication

Body Language Online Certification Course Non Verbal CommunicationBody Language & Detecting Deceit is a very specialized and complicated focus in the security, body language course certification bodyguard executive protection security military & law
enforcement arenas.

If you’re willing to learn the subject of body language, you’ll be light years ahead of your competition when interviewing for jobs.

A quality course covers:

1. Noticing signs of comfort or discomfort
2. Tell All Tips – Specific To Body Parts, From Head to Toe
3. Non-Verbal & Verbal Signs of Sincerity and Deceit
4. Interview & Interrogation Tactics
4. How To Detect Less Obvious Signs of Conflict
5. Names of Industry Experts

… and more!

Our recommended course is provided by International Security Training LLC, based out of Mesa, Arizona – USA. They’ve been in business since 2003 and their online reviews are excellent. You can conduct due diligence on them by reviewing their Better Business Bureau profile, HERE.