Criminal Profiling Specialist Certification ONLINE | Certificate Course

Criminal Profiling Online Certification Course OffenderDo you want to become a Professional Criminal Profiler? There is a misconception that this is an actual ‘job’ that people can apply for. That is a false belief. That being said, the popularity of people known as profilers has skyrocketed since many TV shows and movies, covering the topic, have become mainstream.

A quality course covers:

1.) History of profiling
2.) How profiling works
3.) The psychology-law enforcement relationship
4.) Three main goals of criminal profiling
5.) Assessing the perpetrator’s psyche
6.) Distinguishing MO from signature behaviors
7.) Four main approaches to offender profiling
8.) Five steps in generating a profile
9.) Problems in criminal profiling

… and much more!

Our recommended course is provided by International Security Training LLC, based out of Mesa, Arizona – USA. They’ve been in business since 2003 and their online reviews are excellent. You can conduct due diligence on them by reviewing their Better Business Bureau profile, HERE.