Earn Your Director of Security Certificate – ONLINE Course!

Director of Security Online Certification CourseAny good company will train an employee for the job BEFORE they’re placed in the position. This is your opportunity to put yourself ahead of the pack. If you’re a security manager (or similar position) wanting to make the leap into senior management… we found a course that can help prepare you! Introducing the Security Director Certification aka Director of Security Certification. Don’t wait for your employer to pay for your education, invest in yourself first!  Increase your value so they’re afraid to lose you!

Why enroll in a private program instead of a University / College program? It’s simple. Lower cost & usability of the information provided.

A quality course covers the following topics:

1. Physical Security Countermeasures
2. Risk Assessment & Management
3. Budgets & Accounting (no math on test)
4. Creating Security Plans
5. Handling Government Inspections
6. Leadership / Running Meetings

Our recommended course is provided by International Security Training LLC, based out of Mesa, Arizona – USA. They’ve been in business since 2003 and their online reviews are excellent. You can conduct due diligence on them by reviewing their Better Business Bureau profile, HERE.