Frequently Asked Questions

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(0) How long after I pay for my “How To Become A Grandmaster eCourse“, will it take to receive my access link & password?

Approx one business day

(1) How long after I pay for my membership, will it take to hear from the IFAA?

Approx one business day

(2) Are your certification courses & rank promotions accredited?

Yes. Click HERE for our accreditation letter.

(3) What are the pre-requisites / requirements to enroll in the instructor course or pay for my belt rank certificates?

You must be an IFAA member in order to enroll in / receive those items.

(4) Do I HAVE to pay for shipping & handling if I only want you to email me a full-color scan of my signed certificate?

No, you do not have to pay for shipping and handling if you only want us to email a high-resolution scan of your certificate. Click HERE to see what the scan will look like.

(5) If I want the hard-copy mailed to me, what is the shipping & handling cost?

Click HERE for our most recent shipping and handling costs.

(6) What is the long-term value of a certificate?

The value depends of the many reasons that are specific to each practitioner. (even if the practitioner only wants a scan of their certificate.)

(a) The lifelong value of the membership or instructor certificate to the practitioner. What it signifies for them. What it can do for them as far as teaching opportunities, seminars, book writing, etc.  They’re not paying for a piece of paper. They’re paying for:

(i) an evaluation from an association of professional martial artists, that is signed by the founder, who is a published author, and is known in the civilian martial arts world as well as the military & law enforcement combativies arena.

(ii) a certificate with an international association that is ran as a professional company and responds quickly to members and potential students.

(iii) a certificate that is verifiable. If a potential student, business partner, or employer calls or emails wanting to verify your membership or instructor credentials… they will get a fast answer.

(iv) proof of an accomplishment that lasts a lifetime. Long after the physical skills are gone, their certificate will be there for them to think back on, be proud about, or email to friends, family, grand-kids… whoever.

(b) The reason the scan-only option became available is because half of our students claimed they don’t need the paper. They say they’ll lose it anyway. So, we were able to offer the scan-only option and we’ve reduced our prices accordingly.

(7) I’m due for a rank promotion but my instructor has passed away… I’ve moved to a new town… etc. Can I be recognized for my appropriate time in study? 

The short answer is, MAYBE. Review our promotion / current-rank information HERE.

Certified Coach & Martial Art Instructor Certification Course

(8) How doe the online certification process work?  What are the steps?

Click here to see how everything will work.

(9) Is there a payment plan for the tuition?

Yes. Click HERE for information!

(10) Where’s my free module?

Your FREE module is delivered using a 24-hour server and auto-responder system. If you haven’t received it, please email us at: and let us know. We’ll assist you asap!

Delays like this happen about 5% of the time.  The reason is – security filters between your email program and our software not getting along. ?

Since our paid-course is handled by an actual instructor… this problem has never been an issue with our paid-enrollment students.

(11) What are the benefits of the IFAA Certified Coach & Martial Art Instructor online distance learning course?

An increasing number of people are looking to online home study courses as a practical way to:

– Look Professional In Front Of Military & L.E. Students

– Upgrade existing skills or learn new skills

– Enhance resume / marketing materials

– Improve earning potential

– Get a better job or start a training business

– Increase self-esteem and confidence

(12) How long do I have to complete my course?

Our course is designed to be completed within a week… and is rated at 16 clock hours. Most students are employed full time and that is why the course is self-paced… no time limit.

(13) Will I be forced to study on a fixed schedule?

No. We realize that all students are unique – each with different responsibilities, interests, and goals. Students are encouraged to work at their own individual pace in order to get the maximum benefit from their course. You may progress through your course as quickly or slowly as your schedule permits.

(14) How do I submit my exam?

Via email.

(15) What is a passing grade?

80% or higher

(16) Do I need a computer to complete my course?

Yes, or a smart phone / tablet that can read .pdf files.

(17) Can the IFAA’s course really help prepare me as a professional in the industry?

The answer is an emphatic “Yes!” In fact, thousands of people enroll in home study courses every day. Our course gives you the chance to learn essential skills when and where it is most convenient to you — without your studies interfering with your current job or personal life. Enhancing your resume / marketing materials can elevate you above your competition.

(18) Would I be able to obtain credits for my course at a local college/university?

In most cases, no. Every college and university has its own admissions policy regarding the granting of credits. You would have to contact the school that you are interested in applying to for that information. Most schools that grant credit for our course does so by classifying them as “life experience credits”.

(19) Does __________ company or __________ art / system, recognize certificates from the IFAA?

You’ll have to ask the company or the arts / systems leadership, yourself.  Being an International martial art training organization, it would be impossible for us to track that information.

(20) What’s the difference between your course and _________’s course(s)?

That answer we leave up to YOU to determine. Write down the cost of tuition for both courses, their online or in-person type, and their table of contents / agenda. Once you have that info side-by-side, you’ll know the difference between the two!

(21) Does the word “ONLINE” appear on the certificates?


(22) Are my fees / tuition costs refundable?

No, so commit to YOURSELF that you’ll take your courses seriously.