How To Become A Grandmaster Of The Martial Arts!

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     On average, it takes a student approx 4 years to obtain their 1st Degree Black Belt.  Should they continue on the martial path, each additional dan/degree takes approx 3 years per promotion. A Grandmaster is a 9th or 10th Degree Black Belt… as systems do vary.  As you can see, Becoming a Master (approx 5th Degree) and climbing up to Grandmaster (9th or 10th Degree) is a lifetime endeavor. (Approx 31+ years)

     Much more than physical… this is a mental and spiritual attainment as well.  I have studied many Great Grandmasters and also have observed “not-so-great” Grandmasters.  It is my goal that you will read and apply the information contained in our FREE Grandmaster Course.

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     I want the World to see us as true leaders, humanitarians & when needed… warriors.  I hope you find the course beneficial for you and your students.  Enter your information in the form below to get started with this 7-Day eMail course.