Mixed Martial Arts And Its Components

MMA is another term for mixed martial arts. Several fighting systems are utilized in the MMA. Therefore, fighters can use the techniques of Judo, Karate, Boxing, Wrestling, and many other fighting systems. Oftentimes, fighters combine ground and striking techniques in order to defeat their opponent. Stand up fighters in the United States, way back in the early days, were not prepared when they fell to the ground and ground fighters would easily defeat them.

However, in the standing position, ground fighters had no luck. Because of this, fighters tried to learn many different systems since this was the only way to defeat their opponent no matter what position they wound up in. New breed of fighters were born and MMA slowly gained popularity and acceptance.

Mixed martial arts is considered a demanding sport. Many years ago, no rules were followed so many fighters were injured. The fights were bloody and some people did not appreciate it. Modern MMA events follow stricter rules or regulations these days so fighters are guaranteed to be safer and better protected. Because of the modifications of the events, many people are now interested in learning more about it. In fact, kids, teens, and adults love to enroll in MMA classes to learn various fighting systems and disciplines.

MMA has several components such as:

Striking – fighters who want to knock out their opponents use punches, elbows, kicks, or knee. You can be proclaimed a winner by submission, K.O., or the stoppage of the referee and corner man. Submission occurs when the opponent taps his hand because of manipulation techniques like strangulation or arm bar. Rear naked chokes are quite effective in submissions.

Ground and pound – this time, the fighter brings his opponent down by mounting him and pummeling him through strikes. Referee stoppage and K.O. can declare the winner.

Take down – this happens when the fighter is able to take his opponent to the ground or mat; his intention is to ground and pound or submission.

Sprawl – this takes place before the take down. If you’re the defender, you should put your hands on the shoulders of the other player and you need to sprawl your legs behind him or her. This movement can prevent take downs.

Shoot – this happens when you dive in on the legs of your opponent for the take down.

These are the basic components of mixed martial arts. There are still others, but as a beginner, you should learn about the basics first. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can now move to intermediate or advanced knowledge.

Physical training is already part of MMA. Rigorous training can really exhaust you but you need to be prepared for everything. Weight training introduced together with cardio style trainings. In all the training sessions, you can improve endurance, stamina, and strength. You will encounter activities like sprints, rope skipping, and other high intensity exercises. Most trainings aim at preparing fighters to withstand rounds of extreme fighting.

Safety should not be disregarded to avoid death and injuries. The referee will ensure that players will not get severely injured in the fights.

Familiarize yourself with the different components of mixed martial arts. Undergo trainings to learn the various MMA techniques and fighting styles. You don’t have to be a fighter just to enjoy its health benefits. It’s up to you whether you will play in the competitions or just incorporate it in your workout regimen.

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