We provide rank certificates for martial artists, grapplers & wrestlers.  Martial artists & grapplers receive certificates with the name of their art printed on the certificate.  Wrestlers qualify for Black Belt Rank in “Fudoshin Grappling Arts” if they have been wrestling for 4 years or more.

Rule #1 Don’t lie to us. If somehow you apply for rank with fraudulent documentation, and you get approved – It’s all on YOU, not us. Someone will watch you teach or workout one day… and embarrass the hell out of you.

The First Step Towards Your Promotion

Request A Complimentary (Free) Rank Evaluation by emailing us at: Please include all the information relating to the martial art you study, the length of time and schools you trained at and any thing else you feel is important for us to know. Also, review the fees below so you can prepare your finances should your promotion / certificate get approved. (Shipping varies, please see bottom of page)

Don’t pay for your promotion until you’ve received an approval notice from the association. (Certificate fees are listed here.)

We Accept Credit Cards, Paypal & Western Union

Not Sure What Belt You Qualify For?  Here is a simple “guideline”… there are no guarantees:

0 months = White Belt

3 months = Yellow

6 months = Orange

9 months = Purple

12 months = Blue (1 year of training)

18 months = Green

24 months = Brown (2 years of training)

36 months =1st  Black (3 years of training)


432 Classes / Hours  (akin to: 54 Days @ 8 hrs per day)

Once Approved, you’ll receive an email with a full color scan of your signed rank certificate. If you need a hard copy of your full color Rank Certificate (suitable for framing), additional costs apply. We send all documents certified & insured.

Current Rank Certificates

If you’re paying for a CURRENT Certificate of Rank, you may pay right away. Just email us with the verifying information in relation to your current ranks.

(Certificate fees are listed here.)