Tuition Payment Plan

How It Works For Students:

In order to help students begin a little faster, we offer a 3 installment payment plan. here’s how the plan works:

(1) Student pays the first installment (button is at bottom of page).

(2) Within 24 hrs, IFAA creates a student file, send the student a welcome email, and emails the course manual to the student.

(3) Approx two business days later, IFAA emails the student his/her exam.

(4) Student emails their exam responses to IFAA. (Take your time.  This course is self paced.)

(5) Student makes final two installment payments (using the same link below).

(6) IFAA emails the exam results to the student and emails them their full color, signed & embossed certificate (front & back). If desired by student – IFAA mails them their hard-copy certificate. (Shipping & Handling Applies.)

NOTE: Students enrolling under the Tuition Payment Plan are required to pay all 3 installments within 6 months.  If the student fails to do so, they will lose their tuition money and have to start over. So – stay focused and pay your tuition in a timely manner and SAVE your receipts! 

Pay Your Installment With The Button Below:

16hr Certified Coach & Martial Art Instructor Course – 1 of 3 payments of: $59 US Funds